The Pros & Cons of Shopping at Car Supermarkets

The internet has completely revolutionised the way in which we shop for automobiles in recent times. No longer do you have to keep your eyes peeled on the roads, peruse the classifieds or ask your friends. It is now possible to browse both new and used cars up and down the country from the comfort of your own home.

Car supermarkets are one of the best tools for finding automobiles as many have showrooms throughout the country. This means that you should be able to find what you are looking for relatively close to where you are. Here are a few pros and cons of shopping at these places:


Great variety – You are not confined to the vehicles in your local area with this route and you will be amazed at the great variety of cars available.

Easy to search – If you have a particular vehicle in mind, you can simply search for it and then filter these results to find the perfect one. This makes it quick and easy to compare and find what you are looking for. It is also very easy to browse as you simply enter a search term and an area that you are willing to travel to, used cars Southampton, for example.

Extras – You may find that you get a host of extras thrown in when you purchase with a car supermarket. Full service, MOT and warranties are just a few extras you might get offered.

Reliable – Although it is online where you find the vehicle, you still get to go in and speak to someone and examine the vehicle. This makes it reliable and safer than using a private seller.


Higher prices – Although more reliable and with added extras, you may find that you pay higher costs than you would if you went to a private seller.

Travel – To take a look at the vehicle you will need to make an appointment at the showroom. This could be a lengthy journey and this can be frustrating if the car is not quite what you thought.

Lack of finance flexibility – Although you may find that there are finance options, you might also find that you do not qualify if you have a poor credit rating. The rates can also vary greatly between different vendors.

These are the key pros and cons, but overall, car supermarkets are a fantastic way to browse many vehicles and find what you are looking for.