What Should You Do in a Car Accident?

Each time you get behind the wheel, does the thought ever cross your mind of being in a car accident?


For many drivers that fear is a reality when they hit the roads. As such, it can make driving less than a fun thing to do be it for appointments, errands, going to work, and even trips.
While you can try and do everything possible to avoid accidents, the odds are you will be in one or more over time. That said an accident can be everything from a fender-bender to a major collision.


So, if you end up in a car accident, what should you do?
Be Pragmatic When in an Accident


While your well-being of course comes first if in an accident, you do need to think things through.


With that being the case, keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Your physical condition – To start; make sure you get checked out even if the accident is small. You may think you are fine, but that may not always be the case. For instance, bumping your head on the steering wheel or dashboard is not always going to mean blood. That said what if you suffered a concussion or other brain-related injury and did not even realize it? You could think you are fine, only to suffer from the fallout hours or even a day or two later. Don’t be the individual who refuses medical treatment when offered. If you have, take yourself to the hospital or a doctor’s office to get checked out.
  2. Post-accident – Unfortunately, some survive accidents only to suffer injuries from an oncoming vehicle. Do your best to get yourself and your vehicle safe to the side of the road following an accident. If you have flares in your trunk, light them to warn oncoming traffic of the situation. Putting your flashers on is also a good idea while waiting for towing help. When it comes to towing needs, you may end up looking at tow trucks in Brisbane or another area closer to you. The faster and more reliable the tow service, the quicker you and your vehicle can get out of harm’s way.


  1. Getting vehicle checked – Your well-being is most important. That said don’t neglect your vehicle once towed from the scene. You may even be able to drive it away on your own. Have the vehicle checked out for any safety issues that can crop up driving forward. As an example, you may only see damage with your naked eye. This does not mean there was not damage to the under carriage or other areas. By having a reliable car repair shop check the vehicle from, you are less likely to have safety issues.


In the event you did suffer more than a scratch or two, make sure to not only get checked out, but document your injuries.


If the other party involved is at fault, you want to hold them accountable for your personal injuries.
Being in an auto accident is never fun.
That said making sure you are healthy afterwards is the key factor driving forward.