What Are the Different Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents are one of the leading reasons behind injuries. The injuries caused due to these accidents can be fatal. Not just car accidents lead to physical injuries, but also issues at emotional and financial levels. A severe injury caused due to a car accident can result in hefty medical bills and rehabilitation expenditure. Knowledge about the car injuries helps a victim to recover from it efficiently.

Emotional Issues

The expenses incurred during a car accident not just comprise of medical bills, treatment cost but also loss of wages during the injury period. Victims of car injury also suffer from emotional issues like depression, insomnia, fatigue due to life changing long-lasting injuries.

Not just the victim suffers at mental level, but also everyone who is close to him. Counseling and dealing with “post-traumatic stress disorder” and other same types of psychological injuries are also common.

Head Injuries

This is the commonest type of injury seen in men and women when facing a car accident. Passengers and drivers when they face a high-speed collision have chances to strike their head against steering wheels, windows or dashboards. This can lead to traumatic coma, brain injuries, and long lasting cognitive problems.

Head injuries can also result in fractures in skull, vision problems and hearing loss. Khan Injury Law is one of the most reputed personal injury law firms in USA. They have a team of experienced and qualified lawyers who have solved several cases successfully and brought justice to people.

Back injuries

Back injury is caused when the passenger or driver is severely hit on the spinal cord. This can cause significant damage to nerve. Patients may even experience lessened sensation and control over arms, legs, hands, feet, and various body parts. In acute forms of injuries, a person can even get permanently paralyzed. Numbness or tingling sensation, arm pain, leg pain or muscle weakness are other consequences of car accident injury.

Neck Injuries

Sudden jerk on the neck and head can lead to serious damage to the ligament and muscle. Generalized pain and swelling in the neck are also common. Temporary paralysis in the vocal cord post a car accident can also be experienced.

Chest injuries

Such accidents can also lead to problem in chest region. Collapsed lungs and broken ribs can cause heart issues that can result in cardiac arrest. Internal bleeding, damage to the abdomen, and pelvis, can also result in severe injuries that need immediate medical treatment.

What to do in cases when you inflict an injury due to car accident?

If you or your loved one has got injured in an auto accident, you should definitely talk to an attorney. He will evaluate your case and assist you in understanding whether or not you have to pay money for all the expenses caused due to your car injuries.


These are the common types of injuries caused due to a car accident.  In such a case, you should always seek legal advice quickly, and take steps to review your claim by an experienced attorney.