Top Tyre Tips for Your Next Off-road Adventure

Are you planning for an off-road trip? While a lot of thought goes into the route to be taken, and the items to taken along, people tend to often consider that their mean machine (read 4WD beast) is ready for the adventure since it’s built for the off-roads.

Yes, you need to check under the hood and make sure that the engine is in good condition, but you also need to make sure that the tyres are in proper condition as well. Depending on the type of terrain you will be riding on, the car needs suitable 4X4 tyres and 4X4 accessories.

Given below are tips that will help prepare your vehicle for the much looked upon off-road trip by choosing the correct 4X4’s.


  • Mud Tyres


Mud tyres are designed for great off-road performance. They have large blocks and voids around the edges. The voids between the blocks set into motion a self-cleaning process. When you drive through a muddy terrain, the grooves help the mud to be pushed out and provides better traction. The mud tyres are perfect for on-road driving as well, so if you fit your vehicle with this you are set for both kinds of drives.


  • Extreme Tyres


Extreme tyres are made specifically for off-roads go purposes. They are suitable for the most difficult of terrains. These tyres have larger tread blocks and bigger voids. The pattern of the wheel surface allows the top of the mud to be spliced apart as the vehicle moves forward. You must invest in extreme tyres if you are looking to venture into the toughest of roads.

Should you reuse your tyres from a previous off-road adventure?

Yes, you can reuse the tyres as long as you check on certain important aspects before driving off with it. Consult with an expert before making a decision.


  • Check the Tyre Pressure


Check the tyre pressure suitable for the off-roads and fix your old tyre. Always carry a pump along when you are travelling on off-roads since you have to keep the tyres adequately inflated or you could risk an accident.


  • Check the Valve


Make sure to always replace the valve when you repair or replace your tyres. There is a chance that the valve will get damaged during the change and this could become a serious problem. Your tyre fitters will make the change without you telling them about it, but it’s better to be sure than sorry.


  • Check for Uneven Wear


Always check the old tyres that you are planning to reuse for uneven wear. While uneven wear isn’t a serious issue, experts feel that they often indicate a more serious problem that isn’t pronounced yet.  If the tyres have an uneven wear even with proper pressure then the car might be witnessing alignment issue or in the extreme case, there could be problem in the steering or the suspension of the vehicle.


  • Emphasis on Tread Depth


Grip is important on off-road and experts recommend tyres with a tread depth of 3mm. For mud tyres and all terrain tyres it is recommended that you use 4mm tread depth.

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