Preventing Accidents: New Car Technology That Could Save Lives

With over 37,000 people dying in road accidents each year in the US alone, almost 1.3 million lose their lives on the road worldwide. The sheer volume of fatal car accidents that occur each year is nothing short of shocking, which is why the world of car technology has responded in an attempt to reduce these terrible statistics.

From overall driver safety to maneuver observation, modern technology is revolutionizing the way we drive to ensure maximum safety and security for both those inside and outside of the car. Whilst technology isn’t fool-proof and it’s ultimately the driver’s responsibility to ensure they’re being sensible behind the wheel, today’s in-car gadgets can certainly provide a helping hand where safety is concerned. So, if you’re looking to re-vamp your vehicle with some of today’s best car technology or purchase an entirely new upgrade, here are some top car technology advances specifically designed with saving lives in mind.




Perhaps the most well-known and revolutionary form of car technology ever, Bluetooth has completely changed the way we communicate when on the road.

With most modern-day vehicles already having a built-in Bluetooth system, you’re able to connect your smartphone directly to your car so you receive all calls and messages without even having to pick up the handset. Or alternatively, you can purchase a Bluetooth earpiece that wirelessly connects to your smartphone, enabling you to receive all calls and communicate without the actual phone being required.

Ideal for keeping driver’s eyes fixed on the road, Bluetooth is definitely something you should be using if you regularly use a smartphone.


Rear cameras


Most people assume car accidents happen when driving down busy roads but, in fact, accidents occur when parking too.

The invention of rear cameras is one of the best possible ways to avoid causing an accident when parking, as they’re specifically designed to show you what’s happening in your vehicle’s blind spot you’d otherwise not be able to see. Providing a useful live video on your dashboard, rear cameras are ideal for larger vehicles, such as the RAM 1500, that would naturally be more challenging to park safely than smaller cars.


Lane change warning systems


 Changing lanes is often an essential part of driving but, if you’re not fully concentrating, could cause a major accident especially when on fast-moving highways.

But, with an in-car lane change warning system, you’ll be instantly notified if you accidentally veer too close to another vehicle in the next lane, and will be warned if a car is rapidly approaching you from behind. Essentially doing all the lane observation work for you, these warning systems are great when driving at high speeds.

No one wants to be involved in a road accident, but staying safe 100% of the time when in a car is something not everyone manages to achieve. However, with the significant advancements in today’s car technology, you have almost no excuse for reckless driving if you have them on board and giving reassurance you’re doing the best you can to achieve safe driving at all times.