Nissan R33 Skyline : Godzilla V2

The R33 made its way into the market in 1993 and despite being slightly heavier than the R32 and made available in both sedan and as well as coupe body-styles the car did not compromise on performance and in fact the R33 was regarded as the safest among all the GTR models due to its five way airbag mechanism and the internal crash bars.

After the R32, Nissan started using six cylinder engines which is generally regarded as a down grade. However, the car was attached to a brand new HICAS four wheel steering system which was initially found on the R32 and this mechanism practically locks the rear differential if traction loss is detected at any point of the drive (traction loss by any of the four wheels) at which point an indicator will flash on the dash that LSD has been engaged. Apart from that both the RB25DET and the RB25DE  engines of the R33 Skyline came attached with a system called ‘variable inlet cam phasing’ which is the reason as to why the RBs bulges on the façade of the cam.

In essence the R33 came in four variations one after the other starting with the HR33 GTS which was a 2L RB20E engine that chugged 130 PS which was quickly replaced with the ER33 GTS 2.5L RB25DE that spat out 140 kW of power. Then, came the ENR33 GTS which was also attached to a 2.5 L RB25DE but 4WD and finally the ECR33 GTS 2.5 L RB25DET Double Overhead Cam turbo I6 and these evolutions continued right up to 1998 when Nissan suspended the production of the R33 due to various reasons on the Skyline’s 40th Anniversary.

Information on repair for all versions of the Nissan R33 skyline are available online from free factory service repair manuals.

This, however did not dampen stop the raging of the GTRs as even when the management at Nissan was planning to pull the plug on the production of the R33, R34 was already on their design boards that will feature enhanced chassis and coupled with other ‘toys’ released in 1999 only a year after the end of the R33.

The R34 was so attractive, that it becomes a star feature in the 2nd installation of the Fast and Furious Movie sequel 2 Fast – 2 Furious driven by Brian O’ Conner.