How Your Ford Car Keeps You Entertained Through the Journey

Road trips with your family is always something to look forward to. Especially when the trips involve long journeys, the passing scenarios, the refreshment breaks and the joy to be together all accelerate the level of happiness. But things can go hay where if the driver becomes tires and drowsy. The result can be disastrous. This is a very common scenario when a journey starts with a happy note and ends in sorrow. To avoid such risks, Ford has taken every step forward to ensure a safe journey from the angle of keeping everyone in the car entertained through the journey, especially the driver.


Why Entertainment in Car is Necessary

Generally, people might have a notion that entertainment in a car, is a luxury feature and a reason for distraction. But in reality, it is not. Rather a sound entertainment system in a car adds to the safety features. The CT Ford dealer showed us how.

Drowsy driving is dangerous. It is caused mainly because of monotonous silence that make people feel drowsy in no time. This drowsiness is contagious, it catches up the driver as soon as silence prevails in the car. The result is known, life threatening accidents can take place within fraction of a second. Realizing all these, Ford has incorporated the latest entertainment system in their vehicles.

Connectivity as the First Move

The 2018 Ford Expedition model came up with the latest connectivity options that can make entertainment easier. The technology focuses mainly on integrating the new entertainment system with every connectivity options to stream live television programs directly to the vehicle. Here are the connectivity options that make Ford cars ready for every entertainment program to be streamed in the vehicle.

The all-new Expedition also has an available Wi-Fi hotspot that has the ability to connect as many as 10 different devices.

Then it has USB, HDMI, and SD card options to stream music, videos, and movies from any smart devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops.

The Entertainment Systems

In the EcoSport model from ford, one can see the incredible changes in the in-car entertainment systems to break the monotony and its dangers in long-distance trips. Starting from digital music connections, live TV streaming, DVD players, SlingPlayer one can stream all the favourite shows, music and movies for the passengers that is placed on the Dual-Headrest in the Rear-Seat to make the viewers with comfort through the big screen digital display.

Music All the Way

Speaking of the EcoSport2018, the small SUV from Ford, the Ford dealer in CT commented that Ford has bid a farewell to the old way of listening to the music. There isn’t any more necessity to occupy a dedicated storage space for the CD player and the CDs. The EcoSport is smart enough to feature the latest available technology to integrate the on-demand streaming of music services, which only needs a room to place the mobile devices steadily yet at a handy distance with other personal items.