How to renew a license plate sticker

Renewal of vehicle registration is an annual event for drivers. When you car registration, you will also renew stickers to be placed on your license plate. These stickers help enforce the law to know if the vehicles are registered and if their registration is updated. The procedure for renewing your vehicle registration varies between states. Depending on your condition, there are usually several options to renew your license plate stickers.


Renew by person

1 Wait for an expiration notification. Most motor vehicle departments (DMV) send out notices to drivers one or two months before their license plate stickers and vehicle registrations expire.

2 Visit the DMV or the County Treasurer’s Office. Depending on your condition, the registration of your vehicle can be renewed at one of these establishments.

3 Renew your vehicle registration. Show your vehicle registration expiration notice. This will give the clerk all your information. Pay the vehicle registration fee required to complete the renewal of the registration.

4 Receive your renewed license plate stickers. Once your registration is complete, you should receive your renewed license plate stickers and vehicle registration.

Renewal by mail

5:  Wait for Registration

6: Fill out the form included with your notice of expiration.

7:  Mail your application with your registration fee payment. Payment can usually be made with a check or money order. In some states, providing your credit card number can also be a payment option.

8:  Wait until you receive your renewed license plate stickers in the mail. This can take up to four weeks.

Online Renewal

9:  Wait for your expiration notification.

10:  Visit the website of your DMV state.

11:  Complete the application for renewal of registration. Find the registration renewal page on your DMV state website. Once you have found the page, follow the instructions to complete the application. You will be asked to provide your personal information as well as your license plate number and vehicle identification number.

12:  Enter your credit card number to provide payment for the renewal fee.

13:  Wait until you receive your license plate renewal.