Give Your Old Car Some New Gadget Love: Aftermarket Tech to Upgrade Your Ride in a Jiffy

You love your dated car but it’s seen better days. Give it new life with aftermarket tech upgrades. Ride in style after buying the following.


Viper SmartStart System


Older cars don’t have automatic start options, so you’ll need to trek outside in the cold and snow to get on your way. Other car starting solutions have features that need improvement. But this one makes up for where others lack via a monthly service. Not only will the service ensure you don’t accidentally start the car, but it will alert you about parking meters, the whereabouts of your car (What garage level did you park on?), and more.


The Relaxor Massager


Driving can be stressful despite your favorite tunes and vehicle from If your chosen SUV does not come equipped with a chair massager, don’t fret. You can purchase one that is ergonomically shaped and fitted with a number of settings. Wave, pulse, or zig-zag your way to a great massage. If you have a stressful day at the office, you’ll forget it by the time you drive home.




While cars are stocked with conveniences, they are not optimally placed. Those days are over. Operate your stereo, see incoming calls, and get directions straight from your dashboard. You won’t have to take your hands off the wheel or move your head to access a number of options that would otherwise make driving temporarily unsafe. Use Bluetooth communication and voice recognition options without jeopardizing those on the road and the ones in your car.




You’ve seen endless commercials of surfers, snowboarders, and climbers using a GoPro. But, you haven’t seen moms and dads keeping an eye on the baby in the backseat or fussy siblings sitting next to one another. A GoPro offers a lot to drivers for private and commercial purposes. It has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth tethering.


LED Light Kit


Are you a big fan of car racing movies and would love to give your ride a bit more exterior style? Purchase an LED kit and start turning heads after nightfall. But be sure that you’re not violating any local or state laws.


Universal Dog Seat Belt


How can you ensure that Fido will be safe while en route? Invest in the seatbelt for pets. The adjustable strap makes it easy for your pet to sit down, lay, or stand up. It comes in a variety of colors and ensures your dog will stay in place after an accident or sudden stop.


Pocketeer Gap Filler


What goo, toys, and crusty candy lurks between your car cushions? You’ll never need to know such things if you fill in the gaps with a stylish leather product. Keep your papers, tissues, smartphone, and other things in order while not losing them in between the seats.


Scratch Repair Pen


The scratch is very small but it’s creating major anxiety. Do you really need to invest the funds it requires to fix it at a body shop? With the repair pen you can fill in unsightly scratches in a jiffy. But buyers beware; this only works if the scratch is not very deep.