Essential Factors To Know Before Your DSA Theory Exam

Driving theory tests have been included in the UK driver’s licensing since 1996. The Driving Theory Test must be passed before you can proceed to the practical part of the exam. In fact, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved tests have become harder recently due to the inclusion of the hazard perception in addition to the already existing multiple choice questions. Further, a candidate must have correctly answered 44 out of the 50 questions to qualify for the next part of the exam – the practical test.

If all of this sounds hard to you, then here are some great tips for passing your driving theory tests as painlessly and quickly as possible.

Tip 1: Start studying

Even before you take up driving lessons you should start building your theoretical knowledge about what are the key aspects to remember and best practices of driving. Doing so will help you in your practical sessions too. This way you will pick up things faster. So, don’t wait for your driving lessons to happen before and then learn things.

 Tip 2: Avail learning materials

When training yourself to take up the UK driving test, don’t just limit to reading the Highway Code only. It is important for you to use the other training resources available too. A better understanding why you need to do certain things and what are those factors that you should avoid, simplifies the learning phase greatly. If you find test samples, then you can also get a feel of what the hazard perception test is like. This way you will be much better prepared of what is ahead before you head to the test center.

Tip 3: Organize your theory exam

DSA’s theory test questions must be answered within 57-minutes. Read through each question carefully and answer. Use this time wisely. Take care to understand the question when you first read it. Even if you go slow, make sure you flag those questions that you need to come back again to answer, you will be surprised at how much time you’ve saved yourself and not speed read the questions! It is easy to miss out vital information when you read each question, so go slow and read them twice.

Tip 4: Carry all necessary documents

On your DSA theory test day, do not forget to take your documents. Do this beforehand. Gather all the necessary documents required. Never collect all this stuff on the day of the test because you will inevitably miss out the important ones. Also, remember that once you’re given a test date you can reappear only after two weeks depending on the availability of dates. So, take time to have all acceptable forms of identity and other documents asked with you.

Tip 5: Take your time

Know that you cannot appear for the driving exam before your 17th birthday. So, you can always book a test to avail a date beforehand. Carefully plan this time that you have before you. Take time to gather the learning materials and start to study.

The UK driving tests are simple if you’re aware of the exam pattern and have prepared sufficiently. Take the appropriate preparation and study well. Never skimp on the learning beforehand. If you do this, you will surely find the exam hard, no matter what. For more information, please visit