Car Care Tips: Basic Maintenance

Keeping your car in perfect working condition doesn’t always have to be hard, in order to keep your car running smoothly and effectively it is important to keep up with its routine maintenance and servicing. Properly maintaining your car enables you to save money you would normally spend of repair costs and optimises your car’s performance, maintains its value and extends its life span. The aim of this post is to guide drivers on their quest to a healthier and long-lasting car, we will be introducing a few things that can be done at home to keep your car healthy.

Regular Servicing

The first step to a healthier car is to abide by the recommended servicing schedule provided to you by your vehicle’s manufactures and can be found in your owner’s manual. Servicing your car when scheduled allows the mechanic time to look through your car and identify areas to issues or areas of the car to keep an eye on. You should remember to research garages around you to find the best, it might also be worth looking for a mechanic that specialises in the car’s brand.

Air pressure

Your tyres are probably the most important component of your car and should be treated as such, they are in constant contact with the ground so they need to be in prime condition always. You should be checking your car tyres every week and the tyre pressure at least every month or before you go on an extended road trip. You can invest in an accurate tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure in each tyre including the spare, you can store the gauge in your glove compartment for quick access when driving. If you find any cuts or bulges on your tyres you can get new sets online, you’ll find competitive offers on everything from winter tyres to all terrain tyres.


The effective functionality of your automobile depends on the fluids or the lack thereof, you would not cook with used black oil so when would you leave it in your car? You should make sure that you are regularly checking your fluids especially the engine oils. Use the dipstick to measure by pulling out, wiping with clean cloth, inserting again and then pulling out for accurate measurement. Remember to let the engine cool down before you attempt to open it.

Windscreen and Wipers

Your windscreen is important to the functionality of your car and expensive to repair if broken so it should be taken proper care of. If there was a chip on your windscreen your wipers would be the number 1 suspect. The blades need to be replace at least once a year and ideally before the raining season. If you spot a chip on your windscreen it is best to address it as soon as possible because it has the potential to grow every time you drive over a speed bump which would lead to a crack and eventually shatter. If you take your car to a garage, they might be able to repair the crack before it spreads thereby saving you a fortune on the cost of replacing the windscreen.