Benefits of Buying the Electric Ford Focus Car

Ford Focus is another step taken ahead by the brand towards going green. The vehicle does not only run on electric, but has a hoard of great features along with some unique perks that any electric vehicle has to offer.

According to Ford dealer Marion, apart from adding up to the advantages of an electric vehicle, like saving on the fuel and diminishing the pollution factor, Ford Focus has many other reasons to hit the list of favorites for many.

  1. Overloaded Features

The Ford Focus 2017 Electric model has more to offer, than one would expect:

The new model from Ford comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and superb Cruise control. To ensure clean driving, it helps the driver with Xenon headlights and LED taillights. The Ford Focus Electric has a mobile app of its own that Syncs with the voice-command functionality.

Connectivity is ensued with Bluetooth, while car occupiers can spend their journey on a fleet with booming music played on its Nine-speaker Sony audio system and with battery monitored MyFord Touch infotainment system.

Drivers are specially comforted with Heated front seats, a Rearview camera, Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes and a six-way, power-adjustable driver seat.

Security gains priority with seven airbags spread at the front, driver knee, front side, and full-length side curtain.

The Electronic traction and stability control maintains the smooth driving experience. Riders are pampered with a Dual-zone, automatic climate control feature.

  1. Minimizing Gas Consumption

The Focus electric model from Ford being a fuel-less hybrid car, is an excellent option of saving money and gas consumption while driving all the way.

  1. Extended mileage on a charge

With the advancement in battery technology, the mileage power of electric cars is growing every year. The range on a single charge of Ford Focus Electric model comes from 76 miles for the 2015 model to more than 100 miles by the 2017 model.

  1. No Special Charger Required

As the Charging stations are spreading and popping up all over the world, cars like Ford Focus electric has become way more convenient. It has the ability to get charged overnight at your home, by using a simple standard 120v outlet.  There are number of chargers available to drastically reduce the charging time.

  1. Responsive Functionality

With the advancement of automobile technological engineering a Ford Focus electric car assures the driver not to worry about their cars’ responsive behavior on the highways. According to the Ford dealer serving Marion, the Ford Focus 2017 model takes less than 18 seconds to travel a quarter mile.

  1. Brings Comfort

It all starts when you go for a test drive on the Ford Focus Electric car. The car would give you an unexpected quiet ride without the hassles of exhaust systems, or a transmission that are always in need of changing gears. With this electric vehicle you would certainly experience the same conventional suspension of earlier Ford models that dealt so well with all road debris, speed breakers, digs and bumps. The Focus Electric model delivers all new experiences of advanced technology without compromising on the earlier comforts that any Ford car promises to offer.

Winding Up

At the eleventh hour of global warming, a vehicle like Ford Focus electric paves a golden way towards solution that others should be happy to follow.