10 tips for a cheap car rental

Renting a car can make traveling easier and also give you flexibility, so you can really explore your new environment. Unfortunately, car rentals can also be expensive and quickly lessen your vacation budget. To save money on your car rental or to get BMW Services, simply follow these helpful tips:

Bring your GPS!

Nowadays, we have all learned to rely on the convenience of GPS, and these are especially useful when traveling. Many car rental companies charge extra for the GPS, however, if you have a portable GPS device at home, just bring it with you. Another way to save money is to bring your own child seat if you are traveling with children.

Check for damage and make a video.

In order to avoid any surprise fees for old scratches, make a quick video with your mobile phone, emphasizing the damage. It takes little time, and gives you peace of mind: you will not be charged for another person’s accidents. Then make an extra video when you return the car, to have proof that you have made it in the same condition that you rented it.

Check the rules for fuel consumption

The rules for fuel can vary widely. A rule of prevalent gasoline requires that tenants take the car with the full already made, pay for refueling at the car rental agency and return the car with the empty tank. This policy can be very expensive, especially if you do not plan to use a full whole. Perhaps it would be better to do some research to find a rental agency a little more lenient in terms of gasoline. Many rental car companies mention their fuel level rules on their websites, and most mention them in the lease agreement.

Save on fuel by doing research.

If you are not planning on refueling yourself, you can save money by researching average gas prices in the area where you are traveling. If you have a smartphone, you can download a petrol app that tells you the average price of petrol in your area, as well as the best prices.

Say no to the supplements!

Sometimes you make a good deal with the basic rate of a car rental, but you pay more when it comes to taxes and surcharges. Always read the fine print, and refuse the optional fee as soon as you can. Examples of fees that you can avoid include toll passes, and rental fees if you rent directly at the airport.

Save on insurance.

Car rental companies really tend to impose their own travel insurance on customers by scare them with expensive accident histories. Be prepared by researching in advance. Your own car insurance can cover rental cars and if you book your vehicle with a credit card your credit card insurance can cover the collisions. If this is not the case, you can purchase travel insurance. Taking this service with an outside company will cost you less than taking it to the car rental company.

Rent out of the airport.

Although renting your car at the airport can be convenient, it can also be expensive. Indeed most car rental companies inflate airport fees. An easy way to get around this problem is to see if your hotel offers an airport shuttle service, in which case you can rent a car near your hotel. Another option is to ask a car rental agency located near the airport if it offers a shuttle service for its customers.

Make your market on good plans.

Many travelers book their plane tickets and hotels through good deals like Orbitz, Priceline, etc. but forget that they can do the same for car rental.

Look for the formulas.

Many of the travel sites offer formulas. If you need to book a plane ticket and / or a hotel, always check the packages that include a car rental. In some cases, the discounts are so important that the rental car almost ends up being free.

Rent a small vehicle

Not only does a small car drive more easily in urban areas that you may not know but it also saves you money on gas costs and sometimes even the rental price.